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Geeta B Jain is an Indian politician from Bhartiya Janata party and served as Mayor of Mira- Bhayander Municipal Corporation from 2015 to 2017. She has keen interest in working for education of children, affordable healthcare, mental health and women empowerment in particular.


1. ‘Best Municipal Corporation’ Award for MBMC by Government of Maharashtra during Geeta B. Jain’s tenure.
2. Started e-Library in Mira-Bhayander area, one of it’s kind.
3. Arranged “Maha Surya Kumbh” where more than 7000 students participated and cooked food using solar cooker. It was recorded in ‘Guinness World Record’ and ‘Asian Book of Record’
4. Proposed Baby Care Room in railways which was taken up by the Railway ministry.


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In the year 1964, a lady with a golden heart was born. As a child, she proved herself being a brilliant student and completed her 10th grade from M.A. High School, Andheri. After pursuing her studies in the stream of Science, she joined Bhavan’s College and cleared her 12th grade with flying colours. She took a step in the education field of Polytechnic, by joining PVT Polytechnic College, Santacruz and successfully completed her degree of Bachelors in Science (BSC) along with the degree of D.M.T.

SMT. Geeta Bharat Jain, had a vision to bring a change in the society through social activities and use of her educational knowledge. She started giving two hours each day of her life in teaching the children of slum area of the Bhayandar vicinity. During her college tenure, she organized around four Blood Donation Camps. She also took a keen interest in spreading awareness on the subjects like Tuberculosis and Family Planning by placing various camps in ‘Dharavi’ area based in Mumbai which is also known as India’s biggest Slum Zone. .

"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment."